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Kodak & The Church

“My friend from church is gone. And I wonder. Is the church next to go the way of Kodak? I see some chilling parallels.”

I went to Rochester NY in November 1979. Our campus was directly across the Genesee River from the Kodak Research Towers. I had lunch there at least once a week - many of our men were Ph.D. Engineers there.

In 1982 Kodak employed 62,000 people just in Monroe County/Rochester NY. In 2012 Kodak filed for Bankruptcy and in 2016 that corporation will be completely GONE!!!

Will Willimon, Duke University quoted a consultant this past week. He said that one-half - - 50% of the current churches in America will be gone in 20 years. Pretty sobering statistics. 85% of the churches in America are declining - - plateaued is a euphemism for DYING! Smell the coffee folks!

The following link takes the reader to an article that draws a parallel between Kodak and the church. Read and heed.

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