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Kodak Alaris - still printing our best memories

Print picture books, cards and enlargements from this handy Kodak kiosk
Print picture books, cards and enlargements from this handy Kodak kiosk
by Doug Bardwell

Kodak Alaris wants to set your pictures free; and they’ve teamed up with Discount Drug Mart to make it as easy as possible. You know the pictures I’m talking about. Those three that you always want to show people, but you have to scroll through 150 so-so ones to find them.

How about we avoid the hassle people? Get on in to a Discount Drug Mart and find one of those yellow Kodak Picture Kiosks. Without ever having to take your photos off your smartphone, you can now wirelessly transmit them to the kiosk and turn them into a dozen or more different products – all of them much more fun to show off that the scratched back of your phone.

First, download the free Kodak Kiosk Connect App (for iOS or Android) and install it on your phone. Only takes two minutes. Next, let the app show you all the Kodak Kiosks in your area by touching “Find a Kiosk”. Hop into the car and drive to the store.

At the kiosk, select the Wi-Fi network for the specific kiosk you’re standing in front of. From here you can wirelessly review the pictures on your phone and select the ones you want to work with. Now the fun starts.

What can you make?

Here’s where it gets fun. There are soooooo many things you can create…and at reasonable prices. How about:

· Photo Books

· Personalized Greeting Cards

· Collages

· Calendars

· Picture Movie DVDs

· Enlargements

· Poster Prints

· Rapid Photo Scanner

· Photo ID Prints

· Archive DVD

· Picture CD

I’ve used them myself and they really are fun to use. Pick borders, backgrounds, collage photos together and then have them printed while you wait. Trust me, a photo book of your images is always better to share than that little LCD screen on your phone. Even better – blow up the best ones to 8x10 and frame them to enjoy yourself. Set your photos free and everyone wins.

Doug Bardwell, based in Cleveland, OH, writes about interesting new photography topics across the country and around the world at Feel free to drop him a line at with suggestions for future stories. To get his stories delivered to your inbox, click the RSS feed or the "Subscribe" button above or follow him on Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. To read Doug’s disclosure notice, click here. To see his travel photo collection, see

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