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Koch Brothers will Fail with Alaska Native and Native American Voters

Natives Vote
Natives Vote

Koch Brothers will Fail with Alaska Native and Native American Voters
Terrance H. Booth, Sr. Nishwilgun (Keeper of the Gun Powder) Tsimshian

Why Alaska Native and Native American Voters will decide the outcome of the 2014 elections is due directly to the negativity of politics backed by the Koch Brothers who will be wasting their campaign contributions in 2014 and 2016. Already Native American Tribes have been the hardest hit by the budgetary decisions and votes for government shutdown and the Republican Sequestration having impacted all tribal programs. This voted upon GOP budget cutting not only hit the poor of the USA but veterans, senior citizens, nutritional programs for school children and elderly feeding programs, rehabilitation programs, cultural programs for schools, and the long list of other important program dollars that has direct impact upon all of Indian Country, USA.

Native Vote about Native Vote

What is Native Vote?
“Native Vote is a nonpartisan campaign initiated by the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI). It is designed to encourage American Indian and Alaska Native people to exercise their right to vote. With the heightened political participation of Native people, Indian Country has become an increasingly powerful voting bloc. In recent years, the Native vote has been publicly acknowledged as making a visible difference in national, state, and local elections.
The Native Vote campaign is working closely with regional organizations, tribal governments, and urban Indian centers to create a strong and permanent infrastructure for election training that highlights voter registration, election protection policies, and Native mobilization.” [1]

In this important election year Native Vote will focus on key states including:

Key States

Every year Native Vote selects key states based on the population of Native Voters, current elections, and the potential impact of the vote. For the 2014 election we will continue to encourage and support the Native Vote efforts of all tribes and their communities. Working with tribes, regional tribal associations, tribal non-profits, grassroots voter groups, youth groups, and volunteers as partners to expand our outreach efforts in Indian Country.
For each key state, we've provided information on primary and caucus dates, registration deadlines and requirements, polling locations and times, and links to key election websites for more information.

Alaska Florida Michigan Nevada North Dakota South Dakota Arizona Iowa Minnesota New Mexico Oklahoma Washington Colorado Massachusetts Montana North Carolina Oregon Wisconsin [2]

Word for those that even attempt to disenfranchise Alaska Native and Native American Voting our Voting is Protected!

Election Protection

Education of Individuals or Groups
Knowing your rights as a voter is critically important, especially for those who do not actively participate in the political process. Native Vote can play an important role in getting this information to your community.

Download the Four Directions Native Vote 2012 Election Observer Training Manual
Download Election Observer Reporting Form

Each community should accommodate voters who have special voting barriers, such as second-language speakers, victims of abuse, ex-felons, homeless persons, and those with disabilities. In recent years, much work has been done to address the voting needs of these constituencies. For example, when victims of domestic violence register to vote, their information is strictly confidential. In addition, resources are available to help homeless voters establish residency. Public education, combined with community organization, can make a tremendous difference in voter protection throughout Indian Country.

Voting Rights Hotline: 1-866-OUR-VOTE

Native Vote is part of the Election Protection Coalition that was established to protect the rights of citizens across the country. It has established a hotline to respond to the questions and concerns of voters. This hotline is used to identify problems before they arise, answer voter questions, and serve as a “crisis line” in the event of Election Day problems. [3]
Koch Brothers all American Voters see right through both of your divisiveness and Cantor defeat the #DoNothingGOP sees the writing on the wall and for your information all Alaska Native and Native American Voters will make a marked voter impact in all of the key states and all of your wasted contribution will all be misspent. GOTV Alaska Natives and Native American Voters America needs to be given back to the American People not a handful of people.

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