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Kobe Bryant will be out least two more weeks

Kobe Bryant will be out for two more weeks
Kobe Bryant will be out for two more weeks
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This is sad news for Los Angeles Lakers fans. On Jan. 27 it was reported that Kobe Bryant will be out for at least two more weeks (possibly a month) according to Bleacher Report. Better news was hoped for the Lakers shooting guard, but alas this is just how it is. Bryant sustained a fractured tibia in his left leg last month during a game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Although, he played the game to completion, his injury was announced afterwards to the disappointment of the fans.

Bryant's injury has yet to heal and continues to be bothersome to the player. He has a scheduled medical re-evaluation on tomorrow, but its not going to bring proper results because part of the procedure will be excluded due to his level of discomfort. It must be upsetting to Bryant to be on the bench for so long as his team continues to not do well.

Since Bryant's absence from the lineup, the Lakers have won 4 games and lost 16. Not a record any team would hope for. Hopefully it can begin to pick up some wins before Bryant returns. It will be a long two weeks. The Lakers next game is tomorrow Jan. 28 against the Indiana Pacers; hopefully it will beat the Pacers and give Bryant a reason to smile.