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Knoxville has support for those affected by military drawdown

Military Drawdown
Military Drawdown
Toni S. Williams

For many who serve, being in the military is a calling, almost a religious thing. Many soldiers, sailors, coasties, airmen and Marines believe they will spend the majority of their working life in the uniform of the country they love. Not any more.

Recent articles linked here and here show both the Army and the Marine Corps have significant and deep cuts coming soon. Both officers and enlisted personnel will be affected by these cuts. This recent article reports that 19,000 Army Captains and Majors will be called before boards with up to 4,000 being cut by spring.

If you are one of the service personnel cut and you are from Knoxville or would like to be from Knoxville, you have some options to get a firm foundation under yourself and your family. You must be pro-active and forthcoming, but Knoxville does have resources out there for you. Know yourself and your strengths and then get started.

With the University of Tennessee in the heart of Knoxville, you may want to avail yourself of the fine education that can be got at the University. The University of Tennessee Department of Veterans Affairs website has an easy drop down menu that can help you get started and explain your benefits.

If you don't know which direction you want to go or you would like a mentor, the Tennessee Veterans Business Association might be right up your alley. Chairman Jonathan Williams is a Navy veteran and small business owner. He has assembled a board of directors that works across every platform and with any group that could possible help our veterans.

In addition to the annual, Tennessee Veterans Business Association Business and Education Expo, the board works with other veterans groups, major corporations and chambers of commerce on all aspects of veterans issues. The Tennessee Veterans Business Association will assist you with education, job training and small business ownership mentoring.

Don't pretend that it cannot happen to you. Know your strengths, know your priorities and know your rights. Knoxville is ready and willing to help.

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