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Knoxville couple inventing products to help dogs

Recently profiled in the Knoxville News-Sentinel, Knoxville Dog Health Examiner Brian Douglas and wife Debra have invented two canine products aimed at improving the lives of both dogs and their people.

The first, a patented surgical after-care garment, is intended (when fitted and applied properly) to reduce or even eliminate the need for the much-maligned cone. In most cases, a crate is no longer necessary as well. This is due to design and material-specific elements that restrict the animal's motion while still allowing limited normal movement and elimination habits. It also incorporates certain anti-anxiety characteristics as well as lift-assist straps to counteract leg weakness that often occurs post-operatively.

The second is a still-in-development ramp concept that allows elderly, disabled and ramp-averse dogs to be moved safely by their owners between different elevations. This is especially beneficial for dogs with mobility and vision issues, as well as for owners who may lack the strength to manually lift their beloved pet. The scientific validation behind this device is based in part upon the research of eminent animal behaviorist Dr. Temple Grandin. Her work indicates the elimination of the "visual cliff" (a fear of falling when faced with perceived differences in elevation) is one of the most important elements of keeping an animal calm and easy to manage. It is the subject of an upcoming kickstarter campaign and soon will be featured with an in-depth profile here.


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