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Knox County dog owner responds to criticism of dog tied by legs to trailer

Bob Hill, the owner of one-year-old Jack Russell puppy named Buddy said he didn't tie the dog's legs to the trailer.
Bob Hill, the owner of one-year-old Jack Russell puppy named Buddy said he didn't tie the dog's legs to the trailer.
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In Knoxville, Tennessee, animal lovers were outraged this past weekend when a passing motorist snapped a photograph of a Jack Russell terrier riding on an open trailer with its legs either tied up or caught in a tangled leash. On Monday, Bob Hill, the owner of the little dog named Buddy stated the accusations that the dog's legs were tied are untrue.

According to, Hill says his dog loves trailer rides and had traveled that same way once before:

"I thought well he likes the fresh air, he's ridden in the trailer once before no problem so I let him ride in the trailer, he was happier. I watched him closely I secured him very good to where he could get not out."

Hill said as soon as he saw Buddy's leg caught up in the leash, he immediately untangled him and assured everyone his playful and very happy dog was not injured.

The dog appeared to be sitting on the back railing of the open trailer, and its legs were either tangled in a rope or leash or tied. Another photo showed the driver of the vehicle get out of the car to free the dog's legs. The photos were taken at a stop light at the corner of Campbell Station Road and Grigsby Chapel Road in Farragut.

"Prius towing trailer, with tangled/tied dog on trailer, actually on the road, going somewhere...Who does this?," asked a Facebook reader.

Still animal advocates and the Knox County Sheriff's Office question the safety of Buddy riding on the open trailer calling it a lack of good judgment in the transport of the puppy. Buddy happens to be less than a year old. Spokesperson, Martha Dooley for the Knox County Sheriff's Office's statement questioned?

"Are they being restrained in a way that is painful or injured the animal on how they're being transported?"

An examination of Buddy did not show any injuries. Hill insists he loves his dog, and Buddy loves him.

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