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Knowles-Carter's endearing elevator brawl shows signs of a real family

TMZ is proving a formidable media source lately, breaking huge stories before all of its competitors. When Beyoncé’s sister Solange went Chung-Li on Jay-Z in an elevator at the Standard Hotel after the Met Gala on May 5, TMZ was first with lengthy footage of the brawl. The footage reportedly made some security guard or control room operator at the Standard $250,000 richer and everyone’s been talking about it. In the video, we see the trio entering the elevator with a bodyguard and Solange immediately flying off the handle. There is no audio, but it’s clear that Solange is pissed as she violently points at Jay-Z and lunges in his direction with fists and feet.

During a happier time, the famous sisters share the stage at Coachella earlier this year.
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen

Theories abound with some saying Solange was drunk or high or that Jay-Z did something to hurt Beyoncé, or even that Solange was angry because Jay-Z was planning to ditch his wife and sister-in-law for Rihanna’s after party. Earlier that night it’s rumored that Solange exchanged words with designer and former friend Rachel Roy. Once friendly, the two posed in pictures together at 2012’s Met Gala.

At any rate, the level of rage demonstrated in the footage is indicative of some deep feelings toward Jay-Z. Anger at a level that would move a woman to throw blows in an expensive gown is rooted in one thing-love. This brawl seems like nothing more than a classic case of sibling rivalry.

Put yourself in Solange’s shoes. Imagine growing up in the shadow of an older sibling. Beyoncé showed tremendous promise as a performer and her family pooled all of its resources to nurture her dream and support her rise to stardom. Solange’s needs were met, but she probably felt overlooked because Beyoncé is the golden child. Despite her best effort, resentment has set in after being constantly reminded-in action and in deed-that she is Beyoncé’s sister. Beyoncé is the biggest pop star of our time, beautiful, and is married to an equally powerful and rich man. Solange is a divorcée, and though beautiful as well, her music doesn’t sell in a fraction of the quantity that Beyoncé’s does.

The night of the Met Gala, Jay-Z probably reminded Solange-in word or in deed- that she is just “Beyoncé’s sister” by either quieting her after the alleged argument with Rachel Roy, complimenting Beyoncé and shading her, or by making a joke about her career or being a third wheel at the Gala.

Beyoncé’s behavior in the elevator is quite telling as well. Her body language proves that the fight had nothing to do with her. She was wise in not intervening as taking sides often make family matters worse.

This footage does nothing to ruin their clean image. If anything, it makes them seem human. If anyone had concerns about whether Beyoncé and Jay-Z's relationship is real- Solange certainly showed us that it is. They're a family- full of heart, full of love, and full of endearing dysfunction. They'll get over it and so should we.

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