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Knowing your maternity services : Hartford Hospital

Hartford Hospital Logo
Hartford Hospital Logo

Many women choose the hospital they will delivery their baby at not by their statistics, care, or services they provide, but by simply where their chose OB/GYN or Midwife has delivery privileges. Through this line of thinking I have also met several women who were not satisfied with their overall experience.

Starting with Hartford Hospital I thought I would start putting together some information on all the hospitals across Connecticut that offer a Labor and Delivery type service.

Starting off with some available statistics provided by the Connecticut Maternity Care Worst to First Campaign : Most recently available statistics are for the 2007 calendar year.

Cesarean Section Rate - 38.17% of all births
Episiotomy Rate - 6.67% of all births
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean - 2.0%
Total Number of Births - 4071

Hartford Hospital offers a variety of classes, services, and perks for delivering your baby in their facility which include :

  • Online Childbirth Education Classes
  • Parent Education Classes
  • Virtual Tour of the Hospital
  • A variety of Breastfeeding resources
  • The Childbirth Center has anesthesiologists, specially trained in obstetrics, 24-hours on site.
  • We have 16 State of the Art Labor and Delivery suites including the use of a hydrotherapy tub and many other birthing options to choose from.  **(Please note, Hartford Hospital requires you to exit the birth tub before giving birth, and does not provide any kind of water birth services, and limits use of Tub depending upon monitoring requirements per patient.)**
  • Nurses are available for support during your labor and birth experience as well as postpartum care. **(Please note, Nurses do not provide the same support as a Labor Doula.)**
  • Hartford Hospital houses one of the few Level III NICU neonatal intensive care units in the State.
  • 24 hour Surgical Suites are also available in their labor and delivery unit.
  • According to their website, Family Centered Maternity Care is our Philosophy.
  • Hartford Hospital's postpartum unit consists of 38 private rooms with sleep accommodations for dad.
  • Hartford Hospital is the first hospital in Connecticut to be considered "Baby Friendly" by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. This designation is recognized as the gold standard for mother/baby care. **(Please Note that Mother Friendly hospitals ONLY reflect Breastfeeding support, and no other aspect of maternity care services.)**
  • Hartford Hospital provides a 24 hour breastfeeding support line called the warm line.

Hartford Hospital also includes on their website :

"Many of our physicians hold positions of leadership in national medical societies and serve on the faculties of medical schools of such leading institutions as Dartmouth and the University of Connecticut. In addition, Hartford Hospital is a teaching hospital with a nationally recognized Residency Program in Obstetrics and Gynecology sponsored by the University of Connecticut.

Our nurses are outstanding as well. Many hold specialty certifications in Inpatient Obstetrics, Maternal Newborn Nursing, Fetal Monitoring, Childbirth Education, Telephone Triage and Breastfeeding."

The Mothers Experiences :

"I had two c-sections (the first was unplanned after a long labor) there and my experiences were wonderful overall (there are always a couple of nurses that are "eh"). The staff is fantastic and took care of us all very well. With our first, the nurses were unbelievably helpful and taught us so much. I ended up being glad we had to stay there a bit longer (because of the c-section) because of how helpful and knowledgeable everyone was. I really think they helped us feel a little more prepared to go home and be alone with her."   - Janis from Enfield

"I had a really great experience both times at Hartford Hospital. The first time I struggled with breastfeeding and never spoke up to see an LC. I mentioned that when I delivered Jackson and I was amazed how they took time to get the LC into my room right away so I could feel more comfortable with the process. I am looking forward to another great experience there in Nov!" - Amy, Coventry.

"The nurses at Hartford were very nice, although the labor nurses did not offer me a lot of assistance with techniques for pain management (other than medication). I felt that my wishes for a natural birth were not really respected by the OB. I was encouraged to stay in bed during my labor, which was painful. There is only one tub at the hospital and it is located off the hallway, which is not very appealing. I had a Cesarean birth and the postpartum care was good. I got the impression, though, that the staff do not think of Cesarean births as a big deal, perhaps because they happen so frequently there. Lactation support was great and the nurses were knowledgeable." - Liz, Hartford


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