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Knowing your maternity services : Bridgeport Hospital

The Birthplace at Bridgeport Hospital
The Birthplace at Bridgeport Hospital

Many women choose the hospital they will delivery their baby at not by their statistics, care, or services they provide, but by simply where their chose OB/GYN or Midwife has delivery privileges. Through this line of thinking I have also met several women who were not satisfied with their overall experience.

Today I will touch on Bridgeport Hospital, located in Bridgeport, Connecticut on the shoreline. The Labor and Delivery service or department in Bridgeport Hospital is called The Birthplace.

To start off with statistics for the hospital, provided by the Connecticut Maternity Care Worst to First Campaign, like I did with the Knowing your maternity services : Hartford Hospital. The most recent available statistics are from the 2007 calendar year.

Cesarean Section Rate - 39.07% of all births
Episiotomy Rate - 7.36%
Vaginal Birth after Cesarean - 3.29%
Total Number of Births - 2592

Bridgeport Hospital includes many services, classes, and perks for delivering your baby in their facility. Some include :

  • The Birthplace in the Women's Care Center at Bridgeport Hospital provides services in partnership with your obstetrician, using the highest level of sophisticated technology. (Per their website)
  • Each birthing room has a private shower, with Corian countertops and ceramic tile.
  • Two rooms even have Jacuzzis, which can provide soothing relief in the early stages of labor. **(Please note, Bridgeport Hospital requires you to exit the birth tub before giving birth, and does not provide any kind of water birth services, and limits use of Tub depending upon monitoring requirements per patient.)**
  • The Birthplace offers several classes which include Breastfeeding basics, Back to Work tips for Breastfeeding, Childbirth Prep, Sibling Classes, and Infant CPR.
  • For a full list of FAQ's and Bridgeport Hospitals answers to the tough questions about pain management, photographing birth, and doulas, you can visit this link.

For some of the mothers stories, we have three women who were open to sharing their experience at Bridgeport Hospital's Birthplace  :

"First experience was ehh ok. Security went to bring me to labor & delivery when I arrived since it was 3am and it took forever. They stopped to talk and no one would bring me upstairs. So I sat in a wheelchair in the hallway. My husband parked the car and went to labor and delivery and kept wondering where I was. Then the day we had to leave there was no communication. My OBGYN was due to give my son his circumcision
. Well... he had to deliver a baby and had told the nurse staff but no one knew anything. It was horrible. We were there until 8pm that night and son didn't nurse all day because they told me he couldn't eat before the circumcision. If they knew it would be that long he could have.
I had my second son there and had an overall good experience. No problems at all. Everyone was great!! " - Megan from Shelton

"I'd give it a 5 on a scale of 10, but it would probably be lower if not for my wonderful OB.
My actual L&D experience was very good. The nurse working with me was good and knowledgeable, but not very personable. I had a very "zen" birth experience - my labor room was quiet, spacious and had lots of natural light. I was able to hold my baby right after birth for as long as I wanted. DH was able to stay the whole time and I had complete control over who was allowed in the labor room.
I really disliked the maternity ward though. The rooms were small, too warm and my bathroom was not clean even from when I first got to the room. There were actually dead bugs in the shower. Gross. Then there was blood on the floor from me using the bathroom, normal occurrence with a new mom, and it was NEVER cleaned the whole time I was there despite my asking several times to have it cleaned. Plus there were other things in the room that were disgustingly dirty -- like the handles on the bed and the TV remote. Things that should be cleaned regularly, especially in a hospital.
The quality of the maternity nurses varied greatly -- some were excellent, some were not. I thought the LC's on staff were only fair.
I can't say I loved my experience there. It was a means to an end and I was glad I was there only 48 hours. I will probably deliver there again if I have another child, but only because that's the only place my OB delivers and I don't want to switch doctors."  - Nichole from Monroe

"The birth of my son was in Sept 2006 on an extremely busy day in L&D. I did not have a good experience at all in the labor floor and thankfully never went into labor (had an emergency c/s). The nurses were all very busy and seemed to all be scattered. My husband actually had to hunt one of them down to tell them the alarm on the fetal monitor was going off indicating something was wrong. After he brought that to their attention, I was wheeled off to the OR (unexpectedly) within a few minutes. After his birth, a nurse came into the recovery room to do all of the paperwork she should have done when I was admitted. She was rude and actually talked about a coworker of hers in front of us. Very unprofessional.
The pp floor was ok. There was only one pp nurse who stood out as exceptional and the rest were pretty average.
The birth of my daughter was in April 2009. I had an unbelievably good experience on the labor side. I was admitted because my water broke before my scheduled c/s. I entered through the emergency room entrance where I informed them that my water broke. I was wheeled up by a nurse who also stopped to speak with everyone.
When I arrived at L&D, I stood up and with the most disgusted look on her face, the nurse said to me something like... Ugh. You know your water broke. I couldn't help but laugh.
L&D was completely dead. I was only one of two people there. All of the doctors and nurses were wonderful.
PP was about the same as my first experience. Only one nurse who was exceptional (same nurse as the first time), however this time there was a CNA who was awesome. I could not wait to leave and was discharged two days after having her.
I saw both LCs each time at the hospital. Both were very nice and even followed up with me after getting home to make sure I did not have any questions.
The pediatrics department was also very nice and helpful. My pedi was not associated with Bridgeport, and he actually had nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff as well(especially the dr who discharged my daughter)"   - Laura


  • Annmarie 5 years ago

    I read the article and felt it was very informative. But that being said I had a very wonderful experience at Bridgeport Hospital. All the nurses were so nice to me and I had alot of complications with my pregnancy and delivery I was in labor for 30 hours. If I ever was to have a baby again I would go to Bridgeport hospital again.

  • Danielle Elwood 5 years ago

    Annmarie, feel free to e-mail me your experience, and I would be more than willing to include your quote in the article.

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