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Knowing the truth is healing


When we speak of the Truth, we speak of many different things depending upon our cultural background. The irony is that what is True in essence is ephemeral; it is love. It is light. It is the spark of divinity that gives Life meaning.

Consequently, when we discover Truth, we comprehend our relationship to the divine, because in essence we are discovering how the god within relates to the god within others. And of course, it all stems from the God in Life.

(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

Understanding what Truth is in essence is the process of healing. It is learning to love the god within another who has profoundly hurt and disappointed us. Similarly, it is realizing that the anger we have for someone stems from the fact we loved them, and they were unable to receive that love in a way that made us comfortable. Healing is knowing that the anger that is destroying us is in fact caused by the love we were unable to express.

Healing is letting go of the need to be right or even win, and just know the god within will guide us to the love of another that will sustain us. In essence, healing is the faith that we will connect with a partner who respects our divinity and does not abuse our trust for personal advantage.

Healing is knowing that despite another’s need to correct our behavior that we are in fact loved by the Divine. When we believe that message rather than the message that we need to do something to earn salvation, we heal.

Salvation is always at our fingertips, but it is a grace when our mind can accept it. When our master self realizes that we have earned that grace, it is freely given.

Never doubt yourself. It is okay to be angry, to be hurt, and even to be desolate. It is never okay to think that that is what God wants for us. Always know you are loved because believing that will eventually bring you the grace of self-acceptance.

And self-acceptance is the only tool one can prevail with in a world that falsely creates doubt in order to sustain itself. Of course that type of victory is always overcome because the god in another will always disappoint the god in us. When we accept God’s Love, we prevail.


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