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The first part of Psalms 46:10 states, "Be still and know that I am God." How does being still help us to know God? What kind of "stillness" is being talked about in this verse?

Basically it's a stillness that allows God to have the control of a situation. When people try to come up with ideas, remedies and solutions on their own, they tend to listen to themselves more than they listen to God.

God wants to prove Himself to people but they have to be in a frame of mind to see that proof and allow it to happen. Such a state of mind requires stillness in thoughts, actions and speech so that a person concentrates on God's abilities rather than self-abilities.

Stillness requires a releasing of concerns and worries which need to be placed in the control and plan of God. This demonstrates trust and faith that has been developed through a relationship with Christ. Without having trust and faith in the Lord a person will never truely know God.

God is not able to prove Himself to individuals if they are not looking for proof by being still. Such a person is usually looking to their own reasoning abilities for solutions and answers.

Where do you fit in with "stillness"? Are you so loud and preoccupied with your own thoughts that you can't hear the Lord? Are you giving the Lord a chance to prove Himself by being still and letting Him work things out as you listen and obey?

"BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!" Try it and see what happens.

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