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Knowing and learning how to carry out an effective Twitter tweet

A tweet sign and representation of it.
A tweet sign and representation of it.
Amanda Rohde via Getty Images

Knowing how to use the microblogging site, Twitter, is an excellent start. The other essential element perhaps often overlooked is how create content that draws engagement. A new infographic published by Wednesday looks at the basics of making a successful tweet and what processes need to be put into practice.

Remember that like any other social network you need to be as authentic, as organic as possible with the information you want to share with the masses. So to get going with the ‘Twitter’ ‘basics’ you must understand these four basic factors for generating a great tweet: time of tweet, hashtags, asking for retweet and including link.

According to the infographic the afternoons are the best times to tweet while 5:00 p.m. is the ideal moment to get a retweet. The weekends and midweek have the highest click through rate for maximum exposure for content shared.

Followers should not be spammed or bombarded with excessive tweets, so post no more than four tweets at a time within a single hour.

Hashtags are a way for words or long expressions to be archived on Twitter’s platform along with the possibility to exchange with other users online. The magic number in this case is to use two relevant hashtags and to steer clear of three in a tweet since the engagement rate drops significantly.

Believe it or not asking to retweet content is perfectly acceptable practice and will get you 12 times more activity. Also if you feel like asking followers to retweet you can get as much as 23 times more the rate of engagement.

A link included in a tweet will even generate more success and will hold true 86 percent of the time. So move away from accumulating followers and start generating multiple simultaneous conversations in the Twitter universe.

To recap the tips on how to put together a great tweet remember the steps suggested. To set up a good Twitter profile use professional etiquette throughout the whole presentation of it. But like every social network currently popular today respect the rules of engagement and do not force the hard sell because you will lose interest from users very fast.

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