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KnowBullying application


Recently the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration released the KnowBullying application for cell phones. This application “Empowers parents with the tools they need to start the conversation with their children about bullying. Describes strategies to prevent bullying and explains how to recognize warning signs that a child is bullying or being bullied. Includes a section for educators”.

This free application can be downloaded at

The application is available in a variety of formats.

Why was this app designed?

We have heard a lot about bullying in the last couple of years and while it may seems that with all these resources the problem should be getting better the problem seems to be getting worse. Why? We think others are taking care of the problem. We assume schools are eliminating it and schools think that the parents are addressing it. While both thoughts may be true in part, no one’s efforts seem to be enough.
This app can help. Conversation starter topics are provided to parents so they can have important talks with their children. These are just starters that are not threatening to help the parents open the door to learn more about possible bullying their children may encounter. The children may be bullying others or being bullying and not even recognize it. By having talks with their parents they may become more aware. There is even a section on the application for educators to start the conversation in their classroom.
SAMHAS also has other information available on bullying that can be found here:

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