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Know your options, this child does

Today, a viral internet post is one which caught the eye and broke the heart all at the same time. A woman was being lead into a court room to face charges of animal cruelty. In this case she had been told by the property owner of her apartment that she must move due to having too many pets. The woman was selling Pit Bull puppies, with only one litter of six she had sold two leaving her with four puppies. Rather than face eviction, she drown the other four puppies in the toilet tank. She stated that she had done this and reason for the action was the humane society would euthanize them anyway.

These actions are so horrible and the lack of education beyond comprehension. There are so many no kill solutions available today. Once again from the article it is difficult to tell who is more at fault. The woman who is being prosecuted, the puppies are gone, there was little said about the other pet(s) living in the apartment. What is inconceivable is how such a situation could happen without any of the parties having education or forethought of the problem without the senseless killing of these puppies.

Please look into no-kill solutions in your community. If you are breeding dogs to sell; look at shelter services, animal rescues, donation to service animal groups and so many more. Whether you are the property owner or the pet owner, live up to your responsibility in the situation and acknowledge solutions that will allow for a positive outcome. In this posting on the Internet, we don’t know what the property owner said or did; but certainly they did not want the publicity they are now getting. We know what the owner plead too, which at the very least shows a lack of education and compassion. Most often there are others in the conversation loop that could add some education and help in a situation like this.

Please take the time to know all the alternatives prior to owning one pet. They are a living, breathing animal deserving of so much more than this kind of senseless actions.

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