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Know the way: Honor your gifts, awaken to the miracle of the moment

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Whether you are Jimmy the homeless man, Oprah, Madonna, Obama, Prashant the obscure artist, Mary Poppins, Sheila the school teacher, Mr. T, Kim Kardashian, Mother Teresa, or perhaps all of the above a Jack or Jill of many trades, know your way.

"How can I be of service," that is, "how can I be of the utmost receptivity today?"

When you can wake up every morning and this is your focus, your path becomes a flowing and active service/receptivity to the answer that is laden in each moment as your soul reveals the way. This is true no matter what you may be walking through in any given moment of time. You are not your experiences. Teach yourself this one truth and the world awakens right before your eyes.

The above statement holds true if you have co-created a disease in your bodily temple, and are guided to go to the doctors office on Friday the 13th at 4pm in order to meet “Billy-Bob,” a handsome young musician who sits quietly in the reception area, his body dying of cancer, and his soul waiting to meet you that he may inspire you before he leaves his body just a week later, his major purpose in life – the very moment in time that he spent with you. Sometimes it really is that simple.

There are vibrations of experiencing where there exist no such ideas of good or bad, meaning, there exists only what is, and in relation to All That Is. This is not to say that hurting others is a good thing to do. Rather, what this statement is speaking to, is the fact that there are people who hurt others, and this is a very real part of our world today. Good, bad, or in between, it's happening.

Service is also happening no matter what you are doing, that is, no matter what your momentary experience is or may be. All is service/receptivity on some level or another. How do you wish to serve?

This holds true if you are “Sarah the CEO” and you spilled coffee on your red dress at 2:15pm yesterday, thus keeping Jane in the restroom a bit longer, and preventing her from getting shot by the gunman who entered the building at 2:30pm that day.

This holds true if you are Kim Kardashian, and you inspired 12 year old Anna in a way that ended up saving her life. This is because you, Kim, serve as the only spark of hope that this child has. That moment when she saw you on T.V., she had a gun in her hand and was ready to shoot herself because every day she is being violently raped by her uncle and can see no way out. Your life, your choice, served in keeping her alive, your choice saved a life. Kim here can represent any soul in creation.

This holds true if you are one of the beautiful souls who gave their lives in the mass school shootings that have been taking place on the planet, and this holds true if you were the shooter. These souls served in "giving" their lives so that the evolution of human-kind can move ever more towards feeling, towards understanding our Oneness, towards loving more deeply. The pain and dis-connect in a person who takes a life is far greater than most people can imagine. Let us not allow these lives to have been taken in vain. All life is of value.

We may not always be aware of how anyone's life or role/s in life are serving countless others. Learn to honor your own life, that you may realize the folly in tearing any other human being down, famous, obscure or in between.

Stand tall in your Light. The world needs you.

Truth is, we can never really be out of the world once we "feel" our Oneness. It matters not, where you are, or what you are doing, i.e., whether you are a sannyasi or a house-holder, the key is to remain God-centered. With this realization unfolds the pure heart of service. Your freedom and my freedom are One.

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