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Know the importance of grooming your dog

Now this is what I think of this stupid brush!!  Who needs grooming?? Me??
Now this is what I think of this stupid brush!! Who needs grooming?? Me?? Away

As a pet owner, most people instantly realize the responsibilities that goes in the care of that animal; providing its basic needs of bed, blankets, toys, bones, food, dishes and more. However, a great deal of pet parents fail to recognize the necessity involved in getting your dog groomed. There is much more to a good bath and grooming of a pet than just to look beautiful, and all the items you need to get the job done can be found at your local Rockford-area Petsmart or Petco as listed below or one closest to your home. The staff there is very helpful with all supplies needed such as brushes, combs and rubber-tipped mitts (great for the short-haired dogs) and how to use each. In fact, bring your pet in for best results in finding the right needs.

Whether you have a dog with long or short hair, fur or human-type hair (like the breeds requiring regular haircuts), shedding or not, dogs should be brushed and combed on a regular basis. Different tools are needed for the type of breed, size and coat-type on your particular dog. You certainly would not use a larger slicker brush on a short-haired tiny Chihuahua.

Brushing a dog, all breeds, stimulates the natural oils within the skin, removes any dead undercoat and encourages new healthy growth. Additional benefits of brushing your dog involves monitoring and observing any skin and coat conditions which could go unnoticed for too long without regular maintenance. Many owners assume the good health of their dogs and without regular hands-on care can be blind to problems that may be minor if caught early.

For the short-haired breeds, a soft-bristle brush and grooming gloves (or palm shedders) work best to stimulate the coat and skin while removing any loose fur. These gentle tools do the trick and combs in the perfect size for your dog. Grooming gloves are mitts ergonomically designed for your comfort in grooming your slick-haired dog and works as a massage tool as well.

Medium-sized dogs require combs such as the greyhound type and a slicker or wire brush. A greyhound comb is one that has smaller teeth on one side and larger teeth on the other. Comb your medium-haired dog first to remove any tangles, using the larger teeth followed by the smaller. Follow the process with a slicker or wire brush to remove any dead fur and skin, promoting healthy growth.

More goes into brushing your long-haired dog and should never be ignored. Along with the greyhound comb, you will need a larger slicker or wire brush as well as a mat rake and shedding comb. These tools are necessary to loosen and remove mats and neglected fur in a more comfortable manner prior to your regular combing and brushing. These dogs, for good condition, need to be brushed daily just as you do your own hair.

Most dogs love being brushed and groomed since it is a social act which creates a special bond between both of you. The quality time spent with your dog can help keep the coat and skin in optimum condition while observing any skin problems, parasites, lumps and bumps on your pet, affecting its’ health.

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For all your pets needs and accessories in the Rockford area, go to your local PETCO - 6305 East State Street, Rockford, IL 61108, (815) 229-0184 - Petco or your local PETSMART - 6320 East State Street, Rockford, IL 61108, (815) 397-7880 - Petsmart -Petland, (815) 332-4200 - Petland

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