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Know the Future? What should you do for Love of Country? pt3

In truth, believers should want this, even if it is true for just a portion of the nation. If those who believe God decide they will do what God says and be hated even in our own nation, all should rejoice, when once it is seen that they can not keep it from happening. Believers know it will last 3 and ½ years. They will be as ones in the wilderness, off the grid; away from power structures of all types, learning how to provide their own everything, for survival. This is what Christian patriots need to prepare for.

Even Top Games are about a post apocalyptic America

We are not quite there yet nationally and we are making all kinds of mistakes. According to scripture only those who have the testimony of Yeshua and keep God’s commandments will understand. If you are one that understands, it is up to you and others like you to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth. The rest of the world will be arguing that it is the Bilderbergs, the Nephilim, the aliens, all government leaders or some other entity that they absolutely know is the cause of all world troubles. The truth is Christians should know that we don’t fight with flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in HEAVENLY PLACES, That is that the evil rulers of this world are but imps for Satan the devil who told Jesus to his face that all this was under his power. He even offered to give it to Jeshua (Jesus); thinking that it might be more enticing to him than a sacrificial death.

People flatter themselves by thinking that they have it all figured out about government and if they don’t get just what they want, often they rather see a worse person win an election. Take the 2012 election, 4 million conservatives who vote decided not to vote for Romney. Many libertarians voted for someone else or sat at home and thus Obama, Satan’s obvious choice won. If I can’t be free to smoke dope or if I can’t have a Baptist run for office or even a Catholic, I don’t care enough about what he or she stands for to save the nation from worse things.

Then those same people will spend time passing information between themselves. Much of it is filled with conspiracy theories that they could not prove if they were given a chance. There is nothing like a conspiracy for Satan to use to have folks at each other’s throat. He even had the nerve to tell Eve and Adam through the woman that God was hiding information about righteousness, sin, life and death. “You shall not certainly die, for God does know that when you eat thereof your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods knowing good and evil.” The Woman thought they were getting SECRET wisdom that would be of benefit. Scripture says the last days will be full of this and warned about those that would certainly tell stories about Him (Jesus) coming in some secret way. Remember the secret Rapture? Yeah, don't worry about being a light and salt of the earth, just wait on him to come and take us away. We won't be here, they teach.

The Point is that the founders who were among Americans with communist leanings, church leadership and secular beliefs, knew what it took to just form a foundation so that each person could build on it as they would choose, within limits. Those limits though mainly Scriptural, were often seen as also based upon Natural Law. They had to pledge their lives and sacred honor. Many of them gave up everything. All we had to do was vote. That is what they set up. Now if a faction, let’s say Ron Paul supporters won in a war and got what many of them wanted, let’s say it was all out freedom to do whatever you wanted to do. The only limit might be only what they think does not impinge too much on others. It might entail drugs, same sex, and abortions. War allows you to establish whatever the winner wants. How many conservatives would actually like it? You see a libertarian view without God is very nearly a liberal view. On the other hand a libertarian who is a God fearing bible believer is nearly perfect for what we need in this country. Likewise many libertarians do not like Conservatives who seems not to care enough for freedom and those who would allow growth of government. Then there are that portion of liberals, there are always some, who can agree with both libertarians and Conservatives because of certain issues.

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