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Know meeting dates

All meetings are for them
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Knowing the dates of when the child’s IEP is due is not only essential, but is key when planning for the future. Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are the school’s contract of what support they will provide to the child. It is good for a year and should be reviewed every year. It is not always the year we are in but it may cross over to the next school year.

When a child is transitioning from one school to another, like from elementary school to middle school for example, the new staff at the school may want to have an IEP revision as the new school year gets closer instead of trying to guess ahead of time. Talk to the current teacher or the principal of the new building to see what the policy is so that the team can plan ahead. More meetings than usual may need to be scheduled and this may take planning weeks ahead. It is always better to be prepared than to scramble at the last minute.

Think ahead of what those needs may be in the new school, but do not panic. Discuss it ahead of time with the team. Remember you all want the best thing for the child. You may also want to talk about who needs to be at those particular meetings ahead of time and invite them. The child should also be at the meetings so they can meet any new people they will work with in the near future. Planning is really the key and knowing the dates needed for meetings is important.

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