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Know how to handle the One Ring cell phone scam

The Better Business Bureau in Cincinnati, Ohio, has issued a fraud alert. On Jan. 29 cell phone users were issued a warning about the One Ring phone scam that returning a phone call to an 'Unknown Caller' may leave unauthorized charges on your monthly wireless bill.

A computerized 'dialer' sends out thousands of phone calls to random cell phones, rings once, and then hangs up. Curious callers that dial back the number are charged International call fees plus and additional $9.95 per minute charge while inquiring about the call says the BBB.

"It's called "The One Ring Scam" as part of a practice called phone cramming. Cellphone plans are billed through automation and usage on both incoming and outgoing call. You are recognized if you answer the call, and a billing statement is passed through from the service provider on the other end of the line," says the BBB.

The calls are reported as coming from foreign locations like the Caribbean Islands, Jamaica, Grenada and British Virgin Islands and Antigua. If you receive such a call alert your wireless provider and watch their bill. In addition, contact your local law enforcement and Better Business Bureau to file a complaint.

"A Cincinnati resident received such a call stating the number originated from Antigua," says the Cincinnati BBB . They go on to explain the best thing to do is not return any calls you don't recognize, especially an International call or any unfamiliar area code.

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