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Know disability history

Steven Hawking is part of disability history
Steven Hawking is part of disability history
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Learning about disability history is beneficial to all youth with any disability. You may ask why. The reason is quite simple yet two-fold. First, one needs to appreciate where they have been to know where they are going. This means that the disability community and those who are a part of it need to know what others have been through and accomplished to know where they want to go next. Second, it is often history that is not taught in school. This history is tied to the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s movement and all other historical events, but it is ignored. One should be given the opportunity to know the whole picture.

Now, those who know the history can also compete in an essay contest. Here are the details:
Disability History Essay Contest

You are invited to take part in The Arc of Lancaster County's Disability History Presentation by submitting an essay on a disability related event, invention, policy, or something a person with a disability did that made an impact on you, your community or that made a difference in the world we live in today. The contest is open to all ages.

Essays are due by the end of February.

Examples of events are:
When did curb cuts start and why do we need them?
What is the Independent Living Movement and who started it?
Why would someone over 42 with an intellectual disability possibly not have attended school?

Winning essays will be included in presentations on Disability History given throughout the community in 2014 and winners will be honored at the The Arc of Lancaster County's Celebrate Achievement event in March 2014.
Contact Maureen Westcott at The Arc 717-394-5251 or .
The project is funded through a grant to The Arc of Lancaster County from the Pennsylvania Developmental Disability Council.

Participate today!

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