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Knock it off, legislators.

The Grumpy Libertarian is so very G-D tired. He is tired of busybody politicians legislating against everything from fireplaces to plastic bags. He is exhausted by people (who associate with minority youth everyday) exacerbating the peril of that demographic by insisting on anti-pot legislation. He is disgusted by people wanting to regulate other people in ways that would enforce personal religiously-mandated behavior.
Get off the legislative enforcement kick!! Leave people alone to live their own lives. Stop trying to enforce your ideas of environmental behaviors, and start trying to educate folks so that those behaviors are chosen ones. I am so very tired of people trying to use the bayonetted rifle of government authority to force behaviors that should be persuaded actions. Stop making me resist your unconscionable interferences in my personal life.
As Rand Paul put it: “You busybodies have mandated toilets that require three flushes for an adult, light bulbs that require a hazmat team if broken “. . . There is no excuse for the constantly tightening mandating of behaviors and conveniences and appliances by the socially controlling nonsensicals. All of you, you may go to Hell. Now. Not next Tuesday.

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