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Knob Creek refreshes the springtime, 'Sweet & Spicy' style

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Knob Creek

The springtime is finally here and it seems like it couldn't have arrived fast enough. With the winter bringing such brutal weather from the east coast to the mountain states, warmer weather and delicious spring cocktails are dually welcomed.

Today, we take a look at an interesting, new concoction out of the lands of Knob Creek. This particular mixer will not only leave the right taste in your mouth, but will provide a refreshing reminder that the cold has gone, and the warm is coming.

Knob Creek's particular drink is called a Knob Creek Sweet & Spicy Tea. You may not have thought about using Knob Creek when it comes to mixing it with other ingredients, but this Sweet & Spicy won't let you forget it again.

The contents of this drink are made up of two parts Knob Creek Rye, two parts Southern Style "Sweet Tea", one fourth part fresh lemon juice and one part Prosecco.

To create your own Southern Style "Sweet Tea", you will need black tea and simple syrup. First, brew a fresh pot of black tea, as instructed on the packaging you get with the tea. Then, add in the appropriate amount of simple syrup until the tea and syrup balance is where you want it to be.

Once you have all of these ingredients at your disposal, you first combine the Knob Creek Rye, sweet tea and lemon juice all into a shaker with ice. From there, mix up the drink with a few shakes and then strain the liquid into a rocks glass with ice already in it.

Feel free to garnish the beverage with a lemon wedge and enjoy! Knob Creek has plenty more delicious mixers to choose from and you can check them all out by visiting their site's recipe section.

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