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Knitted bird nests save orphaned baby birds

Rescued baby birds in Wildcare knit nests
Rescued baby birds in Wildcare knit nests

When Wildcare Wildlife Hospital in San Rafael, California put out the call for knitted bird nests, it was the perfect fit for volunteer crafters and warm weather knitting and crochet. When small birds are orphaned, they require semblances of their real nests to regain strength enough to fly on their own into Mother Nature's world.

Washable knitted or crocheted bird nests supply the right amount of stability for their tiny necks and feet, while they are fed every 45 minutes around the clock a diet of mashed bugs, vitamins, and other tasty treats found in their normal environment. Birds poop a lot, especially small baby birds, so nests are changed regularly, washed and replaced with fresh nests. There's a huge demand for the handmade bird nests at Wildlife, which rescues and treats about 800-1000 baby songbirds from May through August.

Wildcare's Baby Bird Nest Campaign has been quite successful so far, with 1,429 donated; the wildlife hospital has agreed to be the clearinghouse for donated nests, and is sending out knit and crochet bird nests to other wildlife hospitals around the country.

There are patterns available to crochet or knit bird nests, if you would like to work a few up. Or if you would like to donate $5.00, it pays for 15 bird meals, or one day of baby bird meals over a 24-hour period.

You may send checks to Wildcare here:

76 Albert Park Ln.
San Rafael, CA 94901

or donate online.

Directions for large, medium, or small bird nests patterns are here. Please send the handmade bird nests to: 1032 Irving St. #622 San Francisco, CA 94122. Currently there is a need for over 200 large bird nests and 47 medium. An abundance of small size bird nests has been received.

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