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Knit wits


When you think of knitting what comes to mind? Most likely its scarves, hats, mittens, and sweaters. While these are all well and good knitting projects there is more…so much more. Many people, knitters and non-knitters included could be new to the world of knitted home wares. Pot holders, placemats, seat covers, and duvets are some of the things that can be knitted. Most of these even the most novice of knitters can accomplish.
First lets talk a bit about knitting. It’s been around since Adam and Eve…in fact I think Eve knitted her fig leaves together! It’s very easy to learn and it’s a relatively cheap and functional hobby. Depending on what you’re making and what kind of yarn you’re getting this is a very economical skill to have. 
Another beauty of knitting some of your home wares is that you can make your own patterns and choose any color you want. You don’t have to be subject to trend colors because you can get yarn in any color you like. You can choose your own fibers and get the blend or pure that you want. As Americans and adults we like to have control and knitting is a way to satisfy that need.
The internet in its glory has provided a multitude of sights with free knitting patterns and ideas. Websites such as and offer a great ideas and patterns for free.  There are also some great yarn shops in the Nashville area that can give you ideas and help not to mention fabulous selections and prices. JoAnn’s, Micheal’s and Hobby Lobby do carry yarn, but it can be hit or miss as to whether or not someone who is working there knows how to knit. No matter where you shop if you’re new to knitting ask about the availability of knitting classes there.
If you knit already home goods are a great way to do something new. If you’re new to knitting home projects are easy and can be done quickly. So go and get your knit on!
Here are some neat knitting nooks to check out in Nashville:
Threaded Bliss Yarn in Franklin:
Angel Hair Yarn Co. on Hillsboro Pike:
Haus of Yarn on White Bridge Rd. :
Here is a link directly to home wares projects from The Purl Bee online:

For more info: You can contact me at .


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