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Knit Picking with Family

To find thing to argue about is ridiculous, especially when it little things. I've had a cold for the past two weeks. I know the source of my cold (my brother-in-laws bad manners). My husband on the other hand tells me that just because he has not gotten sick is my he knows his brother hasn't sickened me. First off my husband works a late night shift and comes in and sleeps till it's time for him to go back to work, meaning he isn't around his brother. Then he explains that he hasn't noticed his brother with violent coughs. The reason I'm telling you this is to explain how family can start you to pick an argument in a relationship that is blossoming.

For you to defend your family within a disagreement between you and your spouse is a sign of trouble in the long run especially when you all live under the same roof. Rule number one never live with family members. It only makes things worst between you and your spouse because they will defend them to the end. I'm so ready to get our own place asap! I've heard all kinds of negative things about my husbands culture from friends, but never has it ever come in between my relationship or changed my opinion of my husband. I continue to strive for the best out of it all.

There are times that I believe he will never get me because I to do the same thing. When it comes to visiting my niece who lives 15 minutes from me there is always an argument that pursue. My husband picks from the time it takes to go get her, why her parents don't bring her, why her parents don't spend time with her, why my family don't come see me. All of this just to get a 5 year old to come spend time with her family. I will admit I'm a defender of my family and who wouldn't be? To discuss and pick at ones family is a BIG no no. My husbands biggest failure comes here.

For one my parents hate Houston, but I tend to be the driver. My father doesn't even visit his children's home in the city where they live. We have to nearly beg my father to visit or sucker him with dinner and a movie, lol. My mom doesn't like Houston traffic because we drive so fast. They would love to come visit there children any day of the week. My sisters do not have reliable transportation to come visit me. I know that if situations where different my family would be here constantly. Understanding is very important and I pray that he learns to understand soon, before it ruins our marriage.

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