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Knit Medieval Helmet Hat

Knit this toasty-warm helmet and it will become your favorite head-covering on cold days! Depending on the color yarn you choose, It is suitable for a man or woman

Maria Merlino copyright 2014
A Knit Helmet for winter
Maria Merlino Copyright 2014


Knitting Worsted Weight Yarn, such as Red Heart Super Saver or Bernat ( yarn standard weight is #4 or 4 ply): 4 ounces of color desired.

NEEDLES: 1 Pair Knitting Needles No. 5 or 3.75mm or 4.00mm

Crochet Hook size F 4.00mm to work a single crochet stitch around face part when done.

GAUGE: In Stockinette 9 sts = 2 inches (slightly stretched).

ABBREVIATIONS: St(s) - stitch(es); K - knit; P -purl.

NOTE: Check gauge before starting item by making a two-inch swatch. Use any size needles necessary to obtain gauge as given.

NOTE: Be sure to keep ribbing even when increasing and decreasing; and also when casting on and binding off stitches.


Starting at front (forehead edge), cast on 28 sts.

Row 1: K 2, P 2 across row ending with P 2.

Repeat this row until piece measures 6 ½ inches from beginning. Do not stretch work in length when measuring.

Cast on 32 sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows (once on each side).

Continue to work even in ribbing on 92 sts until piece measures 12" from beginning . . . measure through center of work.

Cast on 24 sts at the beginning of the next row ... 116 sts. Continue to work even in ribbing for 1 ½ inches.. . measured from last 24 sts cast on.

Next Row (Right Side): * K 2, P 2 tog. Repeat from * across row ... 29 sts decreased; 87 sts remain.

Following Row: * K 1, P 2. Repeat from * across row, ending with P 2.

Next Row: * K 2, P 1. Repeat from * across row, ending with P 1. Repeat these 2 rows for 1 ½ inches, ending on wrong side.

Next Row (Right Side): * K 2, P in the front and back of next st... 1 st increased. Repeat from * across ... 116 sts on needle.

Work even in K 2, P 2 ribbing for 1 ½ inches or desired length. Bind off loosely, knitting the K sts and purling the P sts.

Finishing: With wrong sides together, join the cast-on edges of the

32-stitch side pieces to each side of the original 61/2 inch piece.

Join the under-chin piece in same manner.

With crochet hook, work 1 row of Single crochet around face edge being sure work is not drawn in too tightly.

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