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Knit and crochet flowers

May is all about flowers. It's spring, they are popping up everywhere both crafted and real. "Flowers to Knit and Crochet" by Susie John and Jan Ollis has 28 different varieties to knit and crochet. To make a large bouquet of 56 flowers.

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Susie Johns & Jan Ollis
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You can use knit/crochet flowers on hats, pins, home decor, as gift package decorations, fashionable necklaces and scarves. Your imagination is your best accessory guide. Knitting/Crocheting flowers are perfect for using up your very small scraps of yarn. The flowers are small and portable projects that you can take with you on the go. The photographs are large and clear and easy to help you visualize how you will use them.

You can make a single bloom or maybe you prefer an entire potful of 'Auricula', pot included. Some of the flowers include embellishments of buttons, beads and a bit of fabric. No gauge is given so it is sure to please. Experiment with different weights of yarn and add some art yarns for whimsical flowers. The 'Allium' is a ball of fluff that will stand out and get noticed. You can almost smell the 'Lavender', surrounding its delicate appearance.

The choices and uses are many. Only your needles/hook are required for a green thumb.