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Knights Templar Cartel Targeted Children for Organ Harvesting & Cannibalism

Knights Templar Cartel Targets Children
Knights Templar Cartel Targets Children

MICHOACAN, Mexico – The Mexican Knights Templar Cartel (or Caballeros Templarios) has transported "sick behavior" to a new level – physically profiling, targeting and kidnapping young school children for the purpose of organ harvest.

Michoacán's Secretary of Public Security announced Manuel Plancarte Gaspar, 34, nephew of the Knight’s top dog boss, Enrique "Kike" Plancarte, has just been arrested for carrying out these diabolical acts. Plancarte Gaspar was detained last week after being found in a stolen car with methamphetamines.

In a press conference The Secretary of Public Service, Castellanos Becerra, told reporters, "there are indications of a network which focused on locating persons with certain physical characteristics, with a preference for minors. They were kidnapped and taken to rented houses, where waiting medical teams extracted their organs and later sold them on the black market."

Some of the children had been rescued by a vigilante leader Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles. The children were set free from a refrigerated container that was inside of a van. The van’s driver had been headed to Lazaro Cardenas, a Mexican Ocean port – but took a wrong turn. All the children were from the same school located in Mexico City. They were on a school field trip to the beach when they were kidnapped. It is now speculated that Plancarte Gaspar may be behind the disappearance of dozens of missing people, having executed them to harvest their organs.

While physically profiling people for organ harvest sounds strange – it exists. It has been known for sometime that those with features such as blonde hair and blue eyes are targeted by Mexican sex traffickers. In Africa, Albinos in Kenya are targeted due to their genetic albinism and believed to have a “magical trait.” The albinos continue to plead with authorities to assist in their protection.

All of this sounds outlandish, but wait - the Templar story gets worse. The organized crime syndicate Knights Templar Cartel, is supposedly quasi-religious. The Cartel's first leader, Nazario Moreno González “El Chayo” El Más Loco or The Craziest One, carried a self-invented bible with his own bizarre sayings in it. He preached his organization’s divine right to eliminate enemies. Amusingly, On March 17, 2012, to welcome Pope Benedict XVI, the Knights Templar Cartel put up banners on some Guanajuato bridges. These banners stated the Cartel pledged not to incite any violent acts during the Pope's visit. The 14 banners stated the following:

The Knights Templar Cartel will not partake in any warlike acts, we are not killers, welcome Pope

Which was a nice gesture, since they usually undertake these things: Drug trafficking, money laundering, kidnapping, extortion kidnapping, people smuggling, racketeering, terrorism, murder, arms trafficking, robbery, assault, rape, bribery, prostitution, coercion, burglary, mayhem, police impersonation, counterfeiting and now organ harvesting of children, adults and cannibalism.

Alfredo Castillo, The Federal Security Commissioner for Michoacán has stated there is now evidence that Templar bosses required new Cartel recruits to consume human organs as part of the group's initiation rite. Castillo stated "We have statements that El Chayo made new Templarios eat human hearts," Castillo stressed the information is still being investigated. However 500 Cartel members taken into custody since January have confessed to this.

On March 19, Mexican news reported that “most of the organ harvesting was indeed for the purposes of consumption, and not for sale on the black market.” Medical experts were quoted as stating the Cartel was unable to rapidly harvest the organs and preserve them under the required conditions.

So, next time, when you think of the Knights Templar Cartel, don’t let the cute name fool you.

Who they are:
The bizarre cult-like Cartel has become one of the most vicious criminal organizations in the world. The Cartel operates from the Pacific coast state of Michoacan, and is said to be the 3rd most powerful, ranking just below the Sinaloa Cartel and the Zetas. A few years ago The Knights Templar Cartel formerly operated in four of Mexico’s 32 states, now it operates in 10. Mexican authorities have cited the Cartel as previously being the top producer of crystal meth, but this is no longer the case. Its main income sources come from illegal mining, logging and extortion. The Cartel also engages in business with China – Extracting and selling iron ore to China without proper permits. In exchange for the ore, China trades in dollars and chemicals which are used by the Cartel to make methamphetamines. Officials have stated it is estimated cartels earned $1 Billion (£600.75million) in iron ore profits in 2013.

Sadly, Mexican cartels are not new to the organ harvesting business. In 2010, Juarez, Mexico, a confidential source provided information to U.S. and Mexican officials, after seeing bodies of young women laying on the floor. The source also witnessed scores of bodies being carried into a building. With little emotion, the cartel bosses stated they were attempting to break into the lucrative organ harvesting business. From 1993 to the present, Hundreds of people, both men and women, have gone missing. It may be concluded their bodies have been harvested for organs.

The Rand Corporation states "Organised crime has infiltrated all levels of Mexico's government and police forces, and is involved in many illegal activities that are on the rise, including drug trafficking, human trafficking and arms trafficking" ...and now we are more aware - even child organ harvesting and cannibalism.

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