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'Knights of Badassdom': Trailer Review

Coming February 11, 2014, to on demand and digital everywhere, "Knights of Badasssdom" is a movie where fantasy becomes real... but maybe a little too real. The premise is that a group of friends are preparing for a day out LARPing and things get interesting. For those of you unfamiliar this term, LARP is Live Action Role Play, a hobby where people dress as their favorite characters, usually knights, witches, wizards, but could also be vampires, robots, just depends on what they are into, and enact battles or quests together for fun and competition. Massive battles, cool costumes, and mayhem seem like a pretty interesting setting for a horror movie.

'Knights of Badassdom'
Courtesy of Entertainment One

What happens when these friends are out questing and they cast an imaginary spell that just happens to summon a succubus from Hell? Let's just say that heads will roll. This movie promises a lot of laughs along with some gore that should keep horror movies fans happy. The greatest thing about "Knights of Badassdom" is the confluence of different actors and actresses into this situation. Peter Dinklage of "Game of Thrones", Steve Zahn most recently in "Dallas Buyer's Club" but also great in "Strange Wilderness", River Glau of "Firefly" and other fanboy drool fantasies, and Ryan Kwanten of "True Blood", bring a great collection of experience into this film.

Seeing all of these actors and actresses together will be interesting, because they come from such varied backgrounds, but it will also be funny to see them interact through the characters who are actually acting like other characters. So many layers. Be sure to download it or check it out on digital media and subscribe to catch a review as soon as the movie becomes available.

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