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Knight Light Candle and Import shop for the modern urban magician

Bright Blessings.

Knight Light Candles shop
Knight Light Candles shop
Mistress Belladonna
Knight Light Candles - Mistress Belladonna
Mistress Belladonna

Located at 10620 W 9 Mile Rd in Oak Park, there rests a beloved little shop named Knight Light Candles. A long time favorite of the Detroit spiritual community, many customers remember this store from the city for several years. Discriminating shoppers have been buying their wares for decades.

Recently planted in Oak Park, they have not just made a new home in north of 8 Mile Road for their customers, but have also brought their particular flavor to those who have not yet experienced it. Shelves laden with powders and salts, there is no need to fire up the internet for magical supplies and spiritual tools. Waxes and resins scent the walls with that unmistakeable sign that yes, they have what is needful.

The owner, Ron, is a familiar face for the Pagan, Spiritual, and Magical scene in Derroit due to his working previously Skippy Candles on the West Side. Later on, he went to work off the Grand Blvd area at the old Goodwill Candle store. Then finally, he decided to open up his own shop with all he had learned. His credibility is impeccable.

Testimony after testimony speaks to the friendly and wise staff he employs. His no nonsense approach to practical application of tools for Spiritual and Magical needs is refreshing. All faiths and paths are respected in this oasis, and there is product for every intention. The oil selection alone is excellent, and customers often have their candles dressed with the signature blends.

"Dressing a candle refers to the act of anointing the candle with oil. Candles are anointed with oil to spiritually cleanse them and seal the magick inside until releasing it through the act of burning the candle. Candles are anointed in two ways, either to draw things towards yourself, or drive them away" as aptly stated by Carolina Dean at

Ask anyone in the store, and they can tell you what you may wish to employ for whatever situation you may have been seeking means to change. For further clarity, they also have several Spiritual Readers who are available for consultations. Thoroughly vetted, they are the same readers that Detroiters have come to trust with their oracular sojourns.

Powders and filings are available, along with herbs, for those who wish to lay tricks or create poppets. The components for spellwork are myriad. The supplies for prayer are just as plentiful, with items such as Blessing Oil and Hyssop.

It is not uncommon to see many folk buy candles by the case. Yes, case, as in a box full of glass encased novena candles. The lines sometimes wrap around inside the store, as some avail themselves of the reference books on the shelves. Anna Riva holds a cherished place, along with the new addition of Catherine Yronwode. However, the folks here are walking reference libraries when it comes to Candle magics.

There is a video that accompanies this article that presents one way of dressing candles, but it is not the only way. It is presented as an informative touch to add a visual reference. Always do what is right for you and your personal practice. Oseaana December, owner of Pumpkin Cottage Conjure gives a great walk through style demonstration. Give her a view.

Take a trip to Oak Park and try something new, or revisit your roots. Or even your root works. That pun was definitely intended. Tell Ron the Detroit Paganism Examiner sends her regards. Oh, and her daughter is still using that Money Oil to her advantage. Her hands stay in her parents pockets.

Going to Pagan Pride Day Detroit this year? The folks at Knight Light Candles will be there. Not only that, there will be a class this year "How to Dress a Chime Candle" taught by D. Levenson. For up close and personal knowledge, this is not to be missed.

Blessed Be.

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