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Knife Violence In Schools-The Threat Is Real

44 School Shootings
44 School Shootings

On a typical day last year, Pennsylvania schools caught 11 students toting weapons. They were knives similar to the ones used to slash 21 students and a security guard at a Pennsylvania-area high school, according to the state department of education. An untold number of students likely took weapons to school but were not caught according to safety experts.

A 16 year old girl was fatally stabbed at a Milford high school in Conn. on Friday morning, the day of the school's junior prom. Authorities arrested a 16 year old male student and charged him as a juvenile with murder. Police say that a dispute about the prom may have prompted the attack. Allegedly, the victim had declined an invitation to the prom by the suspect. Police say that the victim had cuts to her face, neck and chest.

Students bringing weapons to school is alarming to the parents, teachers and other students. Some schools have increased security including placing metal detectors but some schools have not taken enough physical measures and more importantly have not developed emergency action plans and practiced them.

Many parents are worried about their children's safety in schools not only in the United States but in other countries as well especially after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting massacre. As the gun control debate resurfaced after Sandy Hook, knife attacks in China multiplied. In a grim coincidence, a 36 year old man rampaged through a Chinese elementary school with a knife on December 14, the same day as the horrific attack at Sandy Hook. The Chinese attack wounded 22 children.

We are faced with the disturbing trend that violence in schools whether it be shootings or knife attacks is a serious issue that needs addressing by school administrators, parents, law enforcement and the overall community.

In the 14 months following Sandy Hook, the U.S. experienced 44 school shootings, claiming 29 lives and injuring dozens more.

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