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Knee Deep at New Victory celebrates girl power

Just one of the boys....
Just one of the boys....
Knee Deep

The word "girl power" is never spoken once during the entire hour-long presentation of "Knee Deep," now playing at the New Victory Theater in midtown Manhattan through Sunday, March 30, 2014.

In fact, no words are uttered at all. The entire production of non-stop acrobatic and aerial feats by an Australian company of three men and one woman, is utterly silent.

But, as soon as you walk out of the theater, there is only one topic of conversation to be heard, "Can you believe how strong that woman was?"

That's because "Knee Deep's" Emma Serjeant isn't used here, like in most circus-style shows, as either a prop or a contortionist wonder. When it comes to feats of strength, balance and daring-do, she isn't just in there with the men, she is often the one hefting them up or supporting them. She isn't the decorative tip of the pyramid, she's the base. She, literally, does more than her share of the heavy lifting.

You don't usually see a lot of that, on-stage or off.

Sure, girls are told that they can do anything a man can do.

But, are they shown it? They are here.

And all without a word being uttered.

It isn't so much that Serjeant stands out from her three colleagues, it's that she fits in so perfectly. "Knee Deep" appears to be an act made up entirely of equals, with no special attention called to any one of them.

The fact that one them happens to be a woman, is what makes it so extraordinary.

And inspirational.

You can tell your gifted and talented daughter that she is the equal of any boy. Or you can take her to "Knee Deep," and show her.

Find performance times and buy tickets, here.

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