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Kmart Smart Assist for the unemployed


 Photo Credit: ZF Photo

With so many people unemployed, Kmart is helping those who are in need of help with groceries and drug store merchandise. They offer 20% off select grocery items, along with drug store Kmart-brand merchandise. There are over 1500 items part of this deal for up to six months.

Visit here to download the FREE reusable Smart Assist Savings Card. Customers present the Smart Assist Savings Card when making purchases, along with proper ID (driver's license or other state-issued ID) so they can check the signature, and state-issued unemployment benefits enrollment confirmation/verification.

Just for signing up, get $10.00 worth of coupons and 2-3 times each week, get discounts emailed!

Once all of the information is entered for the specific state selected, the card will be available to print right from the computer. Just hit PRINT YOUR CARD and the personalized card is ready with the start and expiration dates on it. Simple process, great savings.

For questions, please contact Kmart at: 1.866.562.7848

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