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Klove radio station surpasses funding goal

Klove's Nascar
Klove's Nascar

You don’t have to look too hard to find a positive encouraging K-love station in your area and it will soon be even easier to find them in more locations. With expanding their market a top priority this year, K-love set to the task of tackling their Spring pledge drive this past week. K-love’s Spring and Fall pledge drives help support their commercial-free Christian music radio station that reaches millions of people each day.

A typical pledge drive season for K-love and many other such stations often leaves them short on funds and lacking full funding in many demographics. But this year is turning out to be different for K-love. Even after they announced that they had met their goals nearly two days before the drive was set to end, calls still streamed in as more and more listeners donated thousands of dollars.

At a time when so many businesses, including radio stations, are going belly-up it’s refreshing to see so many companies, families, church groups and individuals give to a cause that reaches a widely diversified group of people with positive, inspirational music and the message of Jesus Christ.

All donations received from a particular area code are credited to that area in order to fund their local stations. In Kentucky 89.9 FM, 96.3 FM and 95.3 FM is where you’ll find K-love. For those who wonder what will happen to the additional funds from an area code that gets an over abundance of pledges, K-loves policy states the following: Donations we receive are credited to the zip code where you live. If an area reaches 100% of the goal and there is extra, it helps other K-LOVE stations. If you’re an Internet listener, your gifts really are a big help to keeping online listening as an option.

There are many ways to support your local K-love radio stations. Prayer is the first and foremost but they have other options for those who want to support them financially but can’t afford to give a monthly gift. To check out those options, click into Supporting K-love.

Never listened to them before? You really are missing out! As a lover of all kinds of music genres, I personally can’t get enough of this positive, heart-felt music. There’s never a need to be concerned if kids of any age are listening because the lyrics aren’t filled with cuss words or sexually inappropriate scenarios. For people of all ages, K-love is a source of comfort, inspiration and joy. Wondering what K-love believes about God and The Bible, click into their Statement of Faith to find out.

To listen to K-love online from anywhere in the world, click into You’ll also find News, music links, daily inspirational scripture, concert information, local events and a place to share prayer requests on their website.


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