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Klondike Ice Cream Bars and Social Media


How is your business using social media to get the word out? Klondike ice cream bars is doing some very clever marketing using Facebook as well as online video or webisodes as they are called.

Here is a summary of what they are doing.

1. They created a Facebook fan page. You can find it at Now many businesses have fan pages so this is of course not really unique however, they have done a few different things with their fan page which make it unique. Many businesses do not make any efforts with their facebook fan pages to engage their fans. Klondike however, is different. They have posted videos of their webisdoes on their fan page along with some entertaining and different facebook applications. One of this is the roast a friend application which plays on people's desire for a klondike and at the same time is outright hillarious. As a facebook application is allows you to share your love of klondike bars with your friends and have fun at the same time.

2. They have created a separate website at which contains webisodes which are funny commercials which do not in fact, seem like commercials. Instead they have you laughing and wanting to eat their ice cream bars. In addition to the TV where you can watch these webisodes this website also takes you into a living room and has other icons and items you can click on and learn more. For example when you click on the laptop it takes you to their facebook application and clicking on the freezer brings you to a page which talks about all the different kinds of Klondike bars. This page is very clever I must say.

So what can your business do to stand out on Social Media? Are you using humor to get your message across? What about playing on emotion and desire? This is what Klondike is doing and they are no doubt successful with it and will continue to be so. As more and more businesses embrace social media you will have to do something above and beyond what others are doing in order to be successful. It will not be good enough to simply follow the crowd.

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