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Klix Brushes With Replaceable Heads!

Klix Brushes
Klix Brushes
Klix Brushes

Living in a fast world, we all wish there was a magical way to renew our favorite makeup brushes without the hassle of cleaning and reshaping them.

Most of us are guilty of not cleaning our brushes often. Even studies have confirmed that a lot of women avoid cleaning their brushes because it is inconvenient.

Finally, we have been rescued by Klix Brushes. Goodbye dirty brushes!

Klix has created innovative eco-friendly brushes with replaceable heads that are made of soft synthetic hair. The affordable replacement are recyclable and easy to replace.

These brushes are super soft, and they help with a flawless makeup application. When you are tired of using the same brush head, simply replace the head with one click without throwing away the entire brush.

Clean brushes prevent bacterial build up which causes breakouts and skin problems. Now, with Klix Brushes it is even easier than before to maintain clean brushes.

This is certainly the best product of the year!!

Klix Brushes are now available online and at Naimie's Beauty store.

Where to find Klix Brushes:

Naimie’s beauty
12640 Riverside Dr., Valley Village, CA.91607

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