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Klingon letter: N.C. politician pens resignation in Klingon, mayor not amused

David Waddell's Klingon letter of resignation.

A Klingon letter detailing one N.C. politician’s resignation is a big hit among Trekkies – Star Trek enthusiasts – some of which have actually learned to speak the pseudo-language of Klingon. But his boss, the mayor, was none too happy, reports The Charlotte Observer on Thursday.

David Waddell, a councilman from Indian Trail, N.C., tendered his resignation this week, effective Jan. 31. He said it was simply an inside joke, but Mayor Michael Alvaraz just wasn’t laughing.

“It’s an embarrassment for Indian Trail, and it’s an embarrassment for North Carolina,” Alvarez said, adding that the letter is childish and unprofessional.

Waddell said it was just a little fun, in line with his admittedly obtuse political career.

“Folks don’t know what to think of me half the time,” Waddell said. “I might as well have one last laugh.”

The translated letter reads:

Teach the city the Constitution.

I will return next time to witness victory.

Resignation occurs in 2014 the 31 of January.

He then ends the letter by slightly modifying a famous Klingon battle proverb: “Perhaps today is a good day to resign.” (Instead of “… to die”)

Waddell reportedly quit in protest, upset over what he sees as runaway development in his town and frustrations with how residents' requests for public information are handled.

Either way, this politician has boldly gone where no other politician has gone before, writing in the language of the one-time sworn enemy of the United Federation of Planets.

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