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Klingenschmitt: U.S. "deceived by the devil" to elect "anti-Christian tyrants"

Gordon Klingenschmitt
Gordon Klingenschmitt

A new year has not brought an end to Gordon Klingenschmitt's flailing temper tantrum over the fact that non-Christians have rights in America too.

Klingenschmitt began the new year by sending an email to members of his Pray In Jesus Name Project warning that growing victories for marriage equality are a sign that more Americans are "deceived by the devil" into voting to "elect anti-Christian tyrants."

"If our citizens are deceived by the devil, and we fail to discern the spirits who influence those politicians for whom we vote, then we will elect anti-Christian tyrants to re-define our national morality in the image of evil. Woe to them who call good evil, and evil good."

Klingenschmitt once again hinges his entire argument on an insistence that it is tyranny to not allow him to be a tyrant, as well as his usual belief that Christianity is all about being a dick to nonbelievers as much as possible.

Along with his usual attribution of anything he has a stick up his butt about to evil spirits, he asserted that "homosexual 'marriage' causes child abuse, by taking away the child's mother (or father) and telling the child 'your need for a mother is less than our right for homosexual pleasure'," demonstrating that Klingenschmitt, despite his supposed piousness, doesn't think marriage is about anything other than sex as well.