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Klaim Vibrant Health Grand Opening within Glowing House on 28th St. (NYC)

One of the best colonics you could possibly have in New York, is of course with me, Khadija (Khay) Shepard, the Founder and CEO of Klaim Vibrant Health. I am an Original Medicine Practitioner, that specializes in Colonic Irrigation. My other modalities range from REIKI - Energy Practitioner, DNA Organ Testing, Ear Candling, Essential Oils and a few others. I also have my B.S. in Alternative Medicine.

These are pictures are of various spa settings
These are pictures are of various spa settings
Candles and Tranquillity

I have been given the opportunity of working independently out of the beautiful space - Glowing House - 37 E. 28th Street. Glowing House is a tranquil space, with a calming and relaxing energy. It's majestic, and grand at the same time. The two colonic rooms are designed with closed systems; and are available for use, just make an appointment - Call - 347-675-3506.

What would be the benefits of a colonic or a series of colonics?

  1. To hydrate the body
  2. To remove waste materials, parasites, and toxins from the colon
  3. To help dilute acidosis conditions from the bloodstream, tissues, and organs.
  4. To remove waste via the lymphatic system, the sewage system of the body.
  5. To smooth out cellulite, belly fat, and other fat stores.
  6. To reverse illnesses, and resolve lots of digestive issues.

I have a passion for helping people heal themselves I've been given this opportunity to express my intentions for the public at large, which is great health and wellbeing. With all of the health issues out there, there is hope when using Original Medicine.

Incorporated into my colonic sessions are a few of the above mentioned modalities like Reiki, some Reflexology, and a Stomach Massage. I believe in quality when servicing my clients, while giving them the best possible experience.

As part of my GROUPON deal, I've partnered with Mr. Patrice "Doc Precise" Solomon and we offer an amazing deal. One colonic and One (1) hour nutritional consultation. This offer will expire on August 31, 2014.

4 Structure Service - Founder/CEO - Mr. Patrice (Doc Precise) Solomon offers an abundance to this unique partnership. He is certified in Nutritional fasting (Phoenix Fasticien) and Iridology. His nutritional expertise was taught to him by training under Dr. Laila Africa and Dr Jubb, to name a few. Organ dysfunction, body, and facial readings are part of the consultation package.

I know a lot of people are wondering if this is real? This is very real. We are here to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

KLAIM VIBRANT HEALTH has Special DEALS just for YOU to Celebrate our GRAND Opening!!!!

A Special Offer for a limited time - As my GIFT TO YOU, (A FREE) Step and Go stool, and One colonic for only $125.00. That's a $50.00 saving!!!!


A Groupon Deal for a very limited time - $175 for One-Hour Nutritional Consultation and Colon Hydrotherapy with Klaim Vibrant Health. That's a saving of $225.00!!!!

For a limited time only, WE are offering a GROUPON for those that want to experience a colonic for the first time, for those that have experienced them but are looking for a new colonic home, and lastly for those individuals that want to improve their overall health. Below is the link for the GROUPON, because once's gone, it's gone for good.

$175 for One-Hour Nutritional Consultation and Colon Hydrotherapy at Klaim Vibrant Health ($400...

If you decide that you would like a colonic without the Nutritional consultation. I have a special deal for you, which includes a FREE GIFT.

Step and Go has recently become a sponsor of mine. As a special part of our new sponsorship, I am able to offer a colonic at a discounted price, and a Step and Go free of charge. YES!!! The Step and Go, and colonic are only $125.00. The Step and Go is completely Free. Call and schedule while supplies last. Other cleanse packages are available.

Please feel free to contact me for any question you may have regarding this article or groupon.

This Groupon Deal will EXPIRE on August 31, 2014

Call, Text, or Email your questions to

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