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Kitty Kat Club with Holly Newsom, Mages and Emot

Kitty Cat Klub, from Dinkytown to Downtown
Kitty Cat Klub, from Dinkytown to Downtown
Jay Austin

Kitty Cat Klub is the best bar in Dinkytown and after it's cousin The Varsity, the best place to catch a show.  Immediately upon entering it is nearly impossible not to be taken in by the atmosphere that the ownership is clearly trying very hard to provide.  The bare brick walls, decked with mirrors, colorful tapestries and paintings that wouldn't be out of place in the Victorian era, are lit by ornate lamps, candles and chandeliers providing the perfect backdrop to lounge in Kitty Kat's over-stuffed couches and chairs, which are everywhere.  The large size of Kitty Cat Klub could have left the venue with the airy feel of a warehouse or jet hanger, but the design and layout of it's couches and chairs (which, had the they been purchased individually at antique stores and garage sales, would not be surprising in the least) into circular groupings around a coffee table or two, perfectly break up the floor plan and give an overall ambiance of a really cool friend's living room. 

While there are plenty of places to sit and converse with close friends, Kitty Kat doesn't shirk from it's responsibilities as a music venue.  The sound system is clear and intelligible without being over bearing, giving those in the back looking to have a conversation the possibility to do so.  There is a sizable dance floor which is generally filled with chairs and tables but leaves room for the most adventurous to boogie down under the disco balls, whose soft white light and slow revolutions give a good name to disco balls everywhere. 

On Wednesday December, 17th Holly Newsom (of Zoo Animal) opened the night with nothing but an electric guitar and her voice.  For purposes of summation, think Cat Powers plugged-in.  Holly's voice is devastatingly cool, both smooth and smoky it gives her the ability to spit some seriously moody lyrics without leaving a bitter taste in the audience's mouth, or perhaps, ears.  The night was rounded out with a less than impressive set from Mages and a yawn inducing performance from Emot, who seemed to be going for the spaciness of Sigur Ros but forgot to bring the goods. 

Take this bar in with a group of good friends, your favorite whiskey and water and see how many replicas of knight's armor you can find.  Make sure to check out the old-school video games and pinball machines in the back, right next to the pool tables and photo booth. 



  • Heidi (Minneapolis Bagel Shop Examiner) 5 years ago

    I love the kitty kat club! It is a great place to dance and a fun atmosphere.