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Kittie lets fans help bring their idea to life for twentieth aniversary of band

In 2014 a lot of fans of metal or music in general think that bands do not care about their fans and never need nor want their help on projects or big events. Canadian metal band Kittie is proving this notion wrong by asking their fans to do just that. As the band approaches their twentieth anniversary they’ve decided to do something to commemorate it and they’re asking the fans to help them on it. Kittie is planning a special book and DVD to be put out as a way to celebrate twenty years as a band and in order to help fund this quite pricy project they are asking the fans to help out. The band has started a campaign via the Indiegogo website where fans can help the band raise money for this project. Fans will be able to contribute to the fund as well as contribute for perks such as signed posters, rare items from past tours and even at one point a signed custom flying v guitar of Morgan Landers as well as a signed bass from the making of the “Oracle” album signed by current and past members Mercedes Lander, Morgan Lander, Talena Atfield, Fallon Bowman, Ivy Jenkins, Trish Doan, Tanya Chandler and Tara McCloud, and as expected both items sold out fast.

Kittie band members over the last twenty years.
official Kittie Facebook page

The band has always had a true connection with their fans and those fans have been loyal to the band over their long career. This project has brought together band members “who have been here two years or twenty” as quoted on their Facebook page and campaign’s main page. The DVD and book project will tell the story of the band, some of their ups and downs and many other things fans will enjoy knowing. The DVD will have “personal footage, concerts and events over the past 20 years, to bring you the be all and end all of career-spanning Kittie documentaries” as noted on their Facebook page. This is a great opportunity to help a band that really enjoys their loyal fan base and can use a helping hand on a great project and idea. The fan base has already proved their loyalty by donating beyond the expected goal in a little over eight hours after the campaign started. The campaign is open active until April 28 so if you are a fan of the band or just good metal music in general give these hard rocking ladies a hand and get the project rolling. Please check out the official campaign page, the bands official Facebook page and their official Twitter page for any and all information on the campaign and band updates.

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