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Kittie fans shatter indiegogo funding goal for band documentary and book

Kittie fans have fully funded the band's indiegogo campaign in under 9 hours
Kittie fans have fully funded the band's indiegogo campaign in under 9 hours
Image provided courtesy of Kittie

Today, March 29, Canadian metal band Kittie finally revealed the secret project that they've been teasing fans and dropping hints about for the last several months. The upcoming secret project is a DVD documentary with never before seen footage and a tell-all book that promises to dig deep and give fans the story behind the music, something that fans have always wanted. Kittie also let it be known that a box set of remastered tracks and rare cuts is in the works. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this funding campaign is that, in less than 9 hours after starting the campaign at 12pm eastern time, the original goal of $20,000 has been met by the contributions of just over 400 fans. With 49 days left to the campaign, it's important that fans keep contributing so that Kittie has the funds necessary to undertake the next steps in self publishing the book and DVD.

It's been almost two years since the band has toured, and coming up on three years since the release of "I've Failed You," one of the strongest releases in the band's nearly 20 year history. The video production team who have worked with Kittie on their last four videos, My Good Eye Productions, will be in charge of editing and directing the documentary DVD. Author Mark Eglinton will be in charge of writing the biography. Eglinton recently penned a book about Pantera and also wrote, "James Hetfield : The Wolf at Metallica's Door."

The band is offering many perks for supporting their Indiegogo campaign. Fans can pre-order the book and DVD or even get their hands on one of Morgan Lander's guitars. There is a funding level for just about every fan's budget. If you can't afford to donate the band encourages you to simply help spread the word to your social networks. To interact with the band and fans you can find them at the official Facebook page. Past and present members so far pictured in the campaign include Morgan Lander, Mercedes Lander, Tara McLeod, Trish Doan, Talena Atfield, Tanya Candler, Fallon Bowman, Jennifer Arroyo and Ivy Vujic (Jenkins).