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Kittens thrown from vehicle onto busy highway in West Sacramento

This kitten available for adoption through City of Sacramento Animal Care Services.
This kitten available for adoption through City of Sacramento Animal Care Services.
Sacramento Animal Care A447437

A tragic case of animal abuse occurred early Friday morning on Highway 50 in West Sacramento when three kittens were found on Jefferson Boulevard and Pioneer Bridge run over and killed in the busy morning traffic reported

According to the Front Street Animal Shelter, this is the second incident within two weeks that someone has thrown kittens out into the highway to die. Last week kittens were thrown onto Interstate 5; most of the kittens did not survive. Shelter representative Gina Knepp stated it is a reminder for owners to get their cats spayed and neutered.

"Somebody opened up a window and out came a box with a bunch of kittens in it onto the freeway. Most of them did not survive," said Knepp.

California Highway Patrol often receive reports of animals killed on highways, but rarely are there intentional acts of someone throwing animals out of moving vehicles.

Besides helping to control the population of cats, spaying female cats will eliminate the constant crying and nervousness when cats enter their heat cycle. With male cats, neutering eliminates the urine marking, male aggression and the urge to roam. In homes where there are multiple cats, the atmosphere is much more social. For both males and females, the risk of cancer of the reproductive organs is eliminated; cats can lead happier and healthier lives.

Local rescue organizations can provide low-cost and in many cases free spay and neuter programs. Just one litter of unwanted kittens, and the expenses associated with their care, vaccinations, and adoptions can cost far more than the cost of spay and neuter programs.

As of now, there are few leads identifying the vehicle or the person who tossed the kittens into traffic. If found and convicted, culprits could be sentenced to jail and face up to $20,000 in fines for animal cruelty.

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