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Kittens survive after accidentally being mailed across California

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Two kittens had a narrow escape after they were found inside a box that had traveled half way across California.

A surprised Cox Communications employee found the stowaway newborns in a box of fiberglass equipment that had been loaded into a truck and shipped from Hollywood to San Diego.

The kittens, so young they still had their umbilical cords attached, are now recovering from their ordeal at the San Diego Humane society.

"They were very, very lucky that they didn't fall out of it in transport or when we were unloading the truck, " warehouse worker JC Collins told ABC 10 News.

Fortunately, Collins' nephew is an investigator with the San Diego Humane Society and was able to advise his uncle on the best course of action.

After two weeks at the shelter, the tiny black kittens, who have been named Mouse and Wi-Fi, now weigh 200 grams each and are thriving.

Shelter workers have speculated that the kittens' mother may have given birth in the box, thinking that it was a warm, safe place to have her babies.

"What we think happened was the mom had the babies and she put them in a safe spot … and she left. Then they got boxed up and they got shipped," explained Humane Society's Kitten Nursery Manager, Jenny Bonomini.

The kittens will be kept at the Humane Society until they are 8 weeks old, before being spayed and neutered and put up for adoption.