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Kittens stage prison break-in

Cat burglars stage a prison break-in
Cat burglars stage a prison break-in
Jason McKibben

Usually it's prison break-outs that make the news, but in this case four tan kittens snuck their way in to an upstate New York correctional facility. According to the AP, four feral felines staged their break-in at Great Meadow Correctional Facility in Fort Ann, about 55 miles northeast of Albany, near the Vermont border.

Head electrician Bruce Porter has been the primary caretaker for the prison's newest litter of residents. He arrives at work an hour early to care for the facility's cutest residents. On the weekends when many staff are not present, the felines are cared for by an inmate known as the "cat whisperer," who speaks to them in Spanish.

When the kittens arrived, they had to be bathed in Ivory soap and de-wormed. Deputy superintendent Jeffrey Lindstrand told the Post-Star that the state had even helped pitch in to pay for flea and tick medicine.

The kittens are named for the facility and surrounding areas: Doc is short Department of Correctional Services; Comstock is named for the hamlet where the prison is located; Annie is named for Fort Ann, the nearest city; and Meadow is named for the prison itself.