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Kitten season exploding


 Socialize kittens early and safelyApril showers bring May flowers. April tomcatting jump starts kitten births and we're on for the 2010 season. Shelters and rescue groups are overrun by the progeny of unspayed female cats. If getting a kitten is on your list for the graduate or other celebrant in your life, do the right thing to get the best feline for your life.

1. Rescue an unwanted animal and have your animal spayed/neutered to prevent future unwanted pregnancies and health complications.

2. Don't go on looks alone. Early socialization and gentle handling a must to produce a stable, affectionate and mentally sound animal. Crazy pretty is still crazy.

3. Make sure you are prepared to handle the responsibility for the kitten up to and through adulthood and old age.

4. Savor the antics and sheer joy playful kittens naturally possess -- sure to brighten up even the sourest mood.

Orphaned kittens getting fed and socialized on a warm June afternoon.

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