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Kitten partially paralyzed after being abused needs a set of "wheels" to walk

Meet Bianca, a four to six month old Snowshoe Siamese mix who's had a rough life. Through it all, she has kept a noble spirit that only a cat faced with challenges shines through with.

Bianca wants some 'wheels'
Facebook: Bianca the Paralyzed Kitty

Bianca was recently rescued from Fort Worth Animal Care & Control, where she came in with back legs unable to move. Originally it was believed she may have a fractured pelvis.

Whatever happened to this sweet kitty, the vet now caring for her under the loving care of Crystal LeBron after being rescued by QT Kittens, says Bianca wasn't born in this condition. It's believed someone kicked her very hard, causing major trauma to her spine.

The are no bite wounds or bruising to indicate Bianca was bitten or shoot by a dog. No fractures or bruising to indicate she was hit by a car. Sadly, Bianca was most likely either kicked or stepped on.

Nothing can be done for Bianca surgically. Instead, Bianca will have to heal on her own. Initially the vets in charge of Bianca's care believed the most humane decision would be to euthanize her. Crystal has faith in Bianca, and is willing to give her the chance to heal, and have a somewhat normal life as a handicapped cat. She plans on seeking a second opinion from a spine speciality, once some money is raised.

Bianca has massive swelling in the spine area, and her spine is covered. The vet at Cross Timbers Animal Hospital in Bowie has discussed the option of using steroids, as well as saying Bianca will need physical therapy to learn to walk again.

Crystal was referred to the local rehab clinic for animals, but is is a 75 mile trip one way from her home, and she doesn't have the funds to cover the gas for that, much less the cot of sessions. Each visit must be paid for up front.

Crystal also has Bianca's sister, rescued from Fort Worth Animal Care & Control at the same time. To euthanize Bianca would crush her sister. This little girl kitty is a real trooper, and tries so very hard to get around.

Bianca has exhibited some sensation in her limbs, and during the last day or so she's managed to get her back legs under her and take a few wobbly steps.

Bianca is becoming an escape artist, now able to climb out of her crate. She doesn't want to die. When her hind end is supported, Bianca can move very fast.

For this reason, Crystal is raising money to get Bianca a set of wheels. A cat wheelchair would help Bianca get around more like a healthy cat.

Crystal realizes there's a lot of work ahead in helping Bianca heal. Right now, this sweet kitty needs baths several times a day, and her cage has to be cleaned several times a day. Bianca also needs daily massage to her legs, and Crystal also spends time supporting her hind end so she can walk a little each day like a normal cat.

Bianca doesn't appear to be in pain. She's playing like a normal kitty, and Crystal believes Bianca would take to a wheelchair in record time. Especially if it means she can follow her sister around and play.

A webpage has been set up at, where Crystal is trying to raise the necessary $300 for a cat wheelchair.

Please take a look at Bianca's video, and help her with a donation if you can. You can follow Bianca on Facebook at Bianca the Paralyzed Kitty.

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