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‘Kitten Bowl’ on Hallmark Channel showcases super cuteness

A couple of kittens at six weeks of age.
A couple of kittens at six weeks of age.
Mueller-rech.muenchen via Wikimedia Commons

First it was the Puppy Bowl, now it’s the kitten’s turn. The first annual “Kitten Bowl” on the Hallmark Channel made its debut early Sunday afternoon, the day of the human “Super Bowl.”

This was filled with three-hours of the most adorable playful kittens on a kitten-size football field inside the Hallmark Channel studios. In this football match it was virtually identical to what you would see on any NFL broadcast, maybe even better.

Host Beth Stern is also the spokesperson for the North Shore Animal League America urging people, in between the game with various commentary and celebrity guests, on adopting a kitten at your local shelter. All 44 kittens participating in the “Kitten Bowl” are up for adoption. No doubt they already have homes well before the televised game.

During the semifinals it was the matchup between the North Shore Bengals and the Last Hope Lions in the first hour. Home & Family Felines were up against the Cedar Cove Cougars rounding out the second hour. Many of the kittens have similar names to their NFL counterparts such as Tomcat Brady, Tim Teepaw, Terry Bradclaw, Feline Manning, and Dan Furrino.

A number of well-known celebrities dropped by that included Rachael Ray, “Dancing with the Stars” Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and Bob Harper. Comedian Chuck Nice gave color commentary during the semifinals, along with announcer John Sterling, who’s the voice of the New York Yankees, and a former NFL cheerleader. Regis Philbin dropped by with a touching story about his cat Ashley. He also gave his own spin on the second half of the championship game between the North Shore Bengals and the Cedar Cove Cougars. In the last remaining seconds of this bowl game it was defensive tickle Snowball for the North Shore Bengals win.