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Kite Festival in Austin

Spectacular view of downtown Austin
Spectacular view of downtown Austin
Melissa Sue Photography

Austin has ways of bringing the community and families together in the most amazing ways.  Every year during early spring Zilker park holds an annual Kite Festival.  This 82nd year was sponsored by HEB, The Austin City Parks and Recreation Department, and the Exchange Club of Austin.  With Volunteer help of local families and businesses, the Zilker Park Kite Festival was a place with great food, sweet tea, and family fun. 

Kites of all sorts: Ninja Turtles, mermaids, and giant teddy bears with families with children, dogs, and friends. Over ten thousand people headed to the downtown area of Ausitn full of smiles and laughter, although the wind was not exactly cooperating, kites were abundant.  Children running with the end of their kites hoping to catch the perfect wind, dogs barking and protecting their owners from the odd object in the sky, and professionals flying their homemade creations.  

On March 14, 2010 the sun shinning with a light breeze brought about a spectacular view of the city.  It was great to be able to view how much fun people can have in this town without too much expense.  Sometimes, it's necessary to just sit back and let the wind blow.  

Next time you feel a light wind blowing feel free to take a kite out and just watch it's grace and take in the amazing view.  If you missed out on the festival this year, make sure you take the time to look into it next spring.  For more information to volunteer or on the kite festival itself go to or call 512.448.KITE.